PassTool – Lifecycle Management for PassBook Passes is the first plattform for a an end-to-end lifecycle-management of Passbook – the digital wallet of Apple. Member cards, event tickets and coupons are issued and managed and are usedable on all mobile devices regardless of the manufacturer.


Pass management

With you can issue various types of passes:
  • Gift cards
  • Member cards/identity cards
  • Coupons and discount cards
  • Event tickets & admission tickets
  • Boarding tickets for travel by bus, tram, plain

PassTool enables you to issue different types of passes. You can issue individual passes or those which are the same for all customers.

The individual passes are ideal for member cards, event tickets, gift cards and boarding tickets, each of which are assigned to only one person or only one customer. The general passes are suitably mainly for general discount campaigns or coupons with limited validity.