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Smart Mobile Marketing Tools

Mobile Marketing Infrastruktur

  • Managed QR Codes
  • Managed NFC-Tags
  • Managed WebApps
  • Smart Poster with NFC & QR Code
  • Banners and displays with NFC & QR Code
  • Customer stoppers and mobile POS equipment
  • Mobile customer cards
  • Mobile coupons
  • Mobile event tickets

Solutions for mobile marketing

We want you to be able to implement marketing campaigns faster, more efficiently and more successfully.

You profit at different points from our Mobile Marketing infrastructure products:

  • For faster team-orientated implementation, and the tools for optimum evaluation of your campaigns, you have in QRtool¬†software with which you can make the link between print and mobile from the design QR code through smart WebApps to finished campaign modules. Whether a competition, Facebook page or branch-specific mobile app: you get fast, excellent results with QRtool.
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  • You get turnkey POS marketing solutions with NFCtool. From the customer stopper through banners and Smart posters you are purchasing intelligent marketing tools which you need only position to enter the world of mobile communication with your customers. Already configured, adapted to your branch of industry and in attractive designs, you will profit from all the benefits at no cost. Mobile Marketing has never been faster.
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  • In future you will never again have to print customer loyalty cards, credit notes, or event tickets. With PassTool¬†you will relieve the pressure on your customers’ wallets without taking anything away from them. On the contrary – you are giving your customers added value whilst at the same time saving the environment. For in future will be are issuing, managing and distributing digitally customer loyalty cards, coupons and discount cards, as well as event tickets or even boarding passes – directly to the Smartphones of your customers.
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You can expect this from us

  • Competence in Mobile Marketing
  • Continuous support
  • Fair terms
  • Maximum Performance
  • Regulation data protection
  • Proven security
  • Services and consultation
  • Friendly employees
  • Timely implementation

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